I am a VFX artist, specialize in compositing and lighting. When I was studying multimedia design, I had been fascinated by those science fiction movies, then I learned that is called visual effects.

After graduation in 2011, my VFX career started as asset artist, I studied the relative knowledge of photography, lighting, and compositing by myself based on interest, then had been working as a lighting/compositing artist for a couple years. With the accumulation of work experience, I found myself craving for a broader, more professional knowledge. In 2016, I had been systematically learning about visual effects at the Sheridan College in Canada. During this period, my matte painting work had been recognized by The Foundry. Subsequently, working in the visual effects industry in North America makes me have a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of compositing and pipeline. I am not just satisfied with the pursuit of art but realize the importance of programmatic thinking, for example, how to integrate the elements, nodes in order to use them again later, which could highly increase the efficiency of individuals and teams. This is also the reason why I taught myself python in spare time.

For now, I have been working in the professional industry for 8+ years. Learning will never stop for me, creativity and technology is the goal I pursue. I love to solve the problem, learn new techniques and share those with the people around me. Besides, I always keep a positive attitude towards new challenge, and always welcome the projects making me interested


Asset modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Compositing


Nuke(Good knowledge, daily usage)

Maya(Intermediate knowledge, fair usage in lighting)

3DMAX(Intermediate knowledge)

Houdini(Basic knowledge)


Vray(Good knowledge)

Arnold(Good knowledge)

Mantra(Basic knowledge)


Python(Intermediate knowledge)


Chinese(Native language)

English(Professional working proficiency)